Monday, December 11, 2006


The pieces of Christmas Cables are done. I have only to block, sew, and knit the collar to finish. I'm trying to figure out where I will block. I'll have some extra time tomorrow morning before going to the doctor. I think I'll stretch and steam on the bed. I'm hoping it will be done before I get home tomorrow night.
With that done, I cast on last night for some gloves for the Sadist. The cuff is done and I'm about to start on the patterning. I was originally going to knit them in navy and grey (to go with his amazing blue eyes) but I saw he had a black coat, so black it is. I'm thinking I'm just going to do an all over 4 stitch - 4 row pattern from Fairisle Mittens and Gloves. It's one of the palm patterns. I'll do the fingers in Fairisle, too. I hope to get them done this week. I think he's getting tired of seeing me.

Also, I have to start on The Husby. Which needs to be done by Christmas. And unlike Heather's husband, mine is not only tall but also a bit -ahem- wide as well. I think I'm going to be sick of dark green. Then there's my own sweater. I'm beginning to question whether I'll make it or not. Wonder if Yarn Harlot's knitting hotline is up again this year? I could probably use some encouragement. (Or more chocolate, or maybe the good drugs) Did I mention I don't have my tree up yet? So far my Christmas decoration (note -- there's no 's' there!) consists of an unplugged "Giant Illuminated Talking Santa" that my MiL sent over out on the front porch which blew over in the windstorm a couple of weeks ago and so is laying there face down. Yeah, a dead Santa. That's me!! Happy Holidays!

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