Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Elves

I have wasted entirely too much time tonight here: But, I made elves out of Older Son, Younger Son, the Elder Celting, and the Younger Celting. I even did Heather and her boys. No one I had a picture of was safe. (Except me, of course.)

Ok, ok, on to knitting. Not much done here. I was making necklaces last night (which were warmly received) for my coworkers. My Sadist was I'm sure happy with his gift of cash, since I didn't get the gloves done.
Here's the first. It fit me, but was too tight for Older Son, and he pronounced it "ugly". He was openly relieved when I told him it was not for him. Since it fits me, and matches my black coat, I'll make the mate for me. Sometime next year.

Have you seen the new magazine Craft? I'm definately going to look for it at the newstand. It looks like a winner to me. The cover robot is by Jess Hutchison. She did Kate for Knitty last year. I'll buy the mag just for the pattern. (Her oop pattern book is on my wish list for Santa.) And yes, I just recognized the robot, I didn't have to look it up.
Edited to add: I just looked further at the site, and it seems that although they show the Jess Hutchison robots on the cover with the banner "Stitch a Robot" the actual mag does not include a pattern for them. The pattern is crochet. As well as the dolls pictured with the logo "Knit Happens" as the website. Hmmm. Let's move this one from "Strong buy" to "Hold".

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Heather said...

omg!! those elves were hilarious! thanks... and I think I just saw that craft magazine at BN Wednesday...I didn't look at it, so in person it must not have spoken too loud. Happy happy happy holidays!!