Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Well, the boys were somewhat appreciative of their knitted largesse. Here's Older Son holding his sweater. He did wear it for a bit Christmas morning. After he had taken it off for his shower he came down with it and demanded that I show him the "right" way to wear it. I told him there was no "right" way -- it's completely reversible inside/outside front to back. "I'm always wearing it the wrong way!" he grumped. (Yeah, he's that negative.)

Here's Younger Son wearing his sweater later in the day. I admit that there was a bit of finishing that still needed to be done on it when he got it Christmas morning. The sleeves are a bit too long, but it fits well enough, even over a sweatshirt, as seen here.

NOT completed are The Husby (but you knew that) and the Fuzzy Feet for OS. I'm pretty upset with him (I said he was on the Naughty List), which will take me awhile to get over and which makes me disinclined to knit for him.

My Christmas gift was a new (to me) loom. It's a Harrisville 22/4. With the bench and everything. I picked it up on Saturday, and haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I got other stuff too. Now I have to get some yarn to weave with...

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and that you got what you wanted (or even maybe what you needed.)

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Patricia said...

The sweaters really look beautiful, you (and your boys) should be very proud! Happy New Year!