Wednesday, June 06, 2007


As I mentioned, the latest incarnation of the Cotton Socks have stripes--These are the "Big Guy" size, for Dave. He says he'll wear them, although I think he would prefer all black. Every time I ask him what color of socks he would like me to knit him, he says "Black. Just plain black." I'm knitting the gusset on my Pomatomus sock, which continues to garner much admiration from the other bus patrons. The color of this yarn is really fantastic, none of the pictures so far have really done it justice. Thanks again, Steel City Knitter! I think the yarn will be just enough for a pair (at least I'm hoping.)

Not much else going on here. I'm feeling kind of under the weather. Maybe I just need to take a day off to rest. Hmmm. We just got Seasons 1-5 of Babylon 5.


Teen Knit Rock said...

I asked Taylor kind of the same question- When I learn how to knit socks, what color do you want them? He says just black too. Those look really comfy! You must bring the finished ones to Friday knit, I know you and they'll be done by then, :)

Steel City Knitter said...

Yeah. Mine too. He wanted gray. Or maybe olive green.

I have more of that yarn kicking around if you run out. I'm 97% sure it's the same dye lot. You'd be welcome to it. I have more sock yarn than a sane human could ever knit up. :)