Friday, June 08, 2007

Pomp and Circumstance

Tonight was Older Son's graduation. Neither my photography skills or my camera were really up to the occasion. Here's a very blurry shot of OS walking into the gym:

But you know, it's kind of symbolic of how these years seemed to pass, all in a blur, over way too fast.
Here he is getting his 'diploma' (because they don't give you the real one at the ceremony, which seemed to really irk him).
And standing against the wall. Finally one of all of us together.
I was a bit ambivalent about the graduation thing. I don't remember my mother going to my graduation. I went with friends and my twin sister didn't go at all (she'd just delivered my niece that morning. Hmmm, maybe that could be why my mom didn't go). Anyways, for various reasons I have mixed feelings about graduation. But we went out and got ice cream after so I'm somewhat mollified. (Doesn't ice cream just make everything better?)


Steel City Knitter said...

Ice cream and pie. Pie makes the world a better place too.

Congrats on getting one through high school!

My little one is one today and the bigun is almost 7. I'm just impressed with myself that they've survived this long under my supervision!

Celtic Queen said...

The niece thing was definitely why. Because she came to my graduation along with my mother. I could've done without my mother. :/ I hope he is happy that he has moved on. :) Congrats!

Holly said...

I remember when my son graduated from high school. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I knew that day that I would never have to step foot in the high school office ever again. Forget the fact that I wasn't ever sure he actually would graduate. It was the whole "no more office" thing that made my day. Those women who work in there are a nightmare. My son thought his graduation party was for him... actually it was me celebrating the fact that I'd never have to deal with those witches again.
Congrats to Older Son!