Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still Here

I'm still here. I just got off the phone with Celtic Queen and she pointedly asked "Are you going to update your blog?" So I'll take that as mandate from my public. (Hey, take what you can get, right?) I've been crazy busy at work. I've got a big project that I feel I have the responsibility to finish up before I leave, and then there are all the meetings so that we can make sure there are people who can do the things that I do when I'm gone. (There aren't.) So there's that to do too. I've been keeping busy. Mostly watching Stargate Season 4 (Dave's Father's Day gift) with the guys. But I've done a little knitting. I love these little pants. I designed them otf to match the little sweater. You can't see it, but there's a little short row section on the bum to go over the diaper. How cute is that? I put the ruler in so you can see the size of the outfit. It's sized for a 5-8 pound baby, a true newborn size. I'm going to make some booties and a little cap and call it done.

I did a little spinning, too. Sundays are supposed to be for spinning, here at the G household. I have to get on the ball, or the fiber to spin is going to take over the house. I think I have something like 50 pounds of unspun fiber in containers and bags around the house. And at the rate it's coming in...Well, we'll all suffocate within a few years if something doesn't change.


Heather said...

cute, cute, cute! gotta love the baby stuff! and who is CQ to critique anyone on keeping a blog updated?!?!

Celtic Queen said...

Technically, I asked if she read MY blog. And 5-8 pound baby? Elder Celting would've just made it by a few ounces and Younger Celting was well beyond that. I hope this is for a normal size baby.