Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Few Minutes

While waiting today for appointments, I had the opportunity to really think about knitting. Isn't it wonderful to have something to pick up and accomplish something in just a few minutes? Would that everything worked that way. Think how much more productive we could all be. This is one of the things I really love about knitting. I also discovered that you really can't knit while stuck in traffic (well, not if you're the driver). I had a horrible experience trying to get to an appointment where I ended up stuck in traffic for almost 45 minutes, thereby making myself over a half an hour late. The drive there (which should have only been a 40 minute drive) took me over an hour and a half, I was there 30 minutes, and then the drive home took me over two hours! Over 4 hours for someone to basically tell me there was nothing they could do for me. Wonderful. Oh yeah, and everytime I play the song "Bad Day" in the car I get lost. Weird.

So anyways, on to the knitting. I turned the heel on my Striped Cotton Sock and am working on the gusset. Yippee! And I will leave you with a couple of links:
Nona's Sidewinders -- these might be my next socks.
Also, have you seen Celtic Queen's Vesper Sock Yarn? It's a custom dye named for her -- Celtic Queen! How cool is that? Order some, we want it to become a 'regular' color!! And I started thinking about what would be my personal colorway. Hmmmm. My favorite color is white (really!) but otherwise I'm pretty fickle about the colors I like. I wear alot of black (so much so that a few years back my sister-in-law started referring to me as the "Widow G".) But that's just because Hello! I work in an office! Need to be conservative and also mix and match! Black is the only color you can count on from season to season, year after year. We all know how I am with the screaming brights and tonal neutrals...I'm a woman of extremes. There's no middle ground for me it's all...and here we are back to black and white...

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