Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unfortunately, She Was Also Wired For Sound

I'm wired up. I finally got my remote access account and token for work. Or as Dave puts it "Laurie told her boss she couldn't get all that work done in 40 hours a week, so they gave her remote access and now she can work 24/7." It's a bit of a mixed blessing. More convenient in some respects (I'm not waiting around late in the afternoon for stuff, I can leave and log in later from home.) Less in others. (I'll end up working alot more hours.) I've been discussing this with Dave and CQ lately, I think the 40 hour work week for white collar workers in the US is a thing of the past. I know in my current job I'm exected to put in at least 2.5 hours of extra time every week, usually more. And that's just to be considered doing my job. If I were in a union, that wouldn't be the case. I've never had a salaried position where the work week wasn't 45-50 hours a week. But what can you do? Pretty soon we'll all be working for Wal-Mart, one way or another, right?
I found my notions bag! I was doing a bit of weaving in the living room (I've been a bit hit or miss with that, I haven't been feeling up to it, but I did pretty well tonight) and I adjusted my chair a little and there it was! It was weird too, because I know I'd looked there before. (In the living room near the loom.) I'm happy to be reunited with all my notions, and I wanted to let CQ know I had it back, in case she was worried about how I was going to make it through life without my Chibi, tape measure, and Swiss Army knife.

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Celtic Queen said...

A) You have a new spiffy tape measure that is brightly colored
B) You'd borrow my Chibi until I gave up and gifted you with a new one.
C)There are many Swiss Army knives in your house... you could confiscate.

Glad to hear you found it though. It matches your bags. :)