Tuesday, June 24, 2008


While making the exchange of the Celtings on Saturday, Celtic Queen and I went to Bloomin Yarns, which was right around the corner from where the party we were going to was. Did you know they have Berocco Comfort yarn in both DK and sock weight? I couldn't resist. I also picked up a skein of Opal Hundertwasser yarn. Hmmm. What do you think I'm considering knitting with my purchases??? CQ got some yarn too, but I was so enamored with my own yarn that I can't remember what she got. She has her own blog anyways (not that she updates much. Tell her she should.)

The Celtings had a great time. Turns out Eldest Celting is a volleyball phenom. Never having played the game before, by the end of the day he was the only kid playing with the 18 and above crowd. Halfway through the day my BiL came over and said to me "Did you know Eldest Celting can play volleyball?"
I thought he was joking and said, "Well, he never played before today..."
He interrupted me. "No, I'm serious, he can really play -- I kept hitting the volleyball to him and he kept hitting it back, every time." He seemed a bit shaken. Easy enough to understand when you consider that the Sons are...let's just say a little challenged when it comes to sports.

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Steel City Knitter said...

I haven't knit with it yet, but I've seen a couple pair of socks from the comfort and they are all very nice. I use the worsted in a couple of my classes. It's really nice, even if it's not wool. . .