Friday, June 20, 2008

The Celtings are Coming

There has been some knitting going on here, although at a snail's pace. I finished another couple of Mod Pods, and turned the heel on my latest Travelling Sock. I have also received the first installment of my Vesper Sock Club which is Fab-U-Lous! I can't show the yarn because I got mine early (because I know Julia and she gave it to me at knitting last week) and I promised not to spoil the surprise. This might be the best part of being in the club: I feel like such an "insider" -- like I've been invited to sit at the cool kids table at lunch! I have plans for mine already (and the color's perfect!) Julia also gifted me with this Firestar nylon. mmmm Multi-colored sparkly stuff. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

The Celtings are coming to stay with me tomorrow evening so their parents can enjoy a well-deserved evening alone. We will be attending a graduation party in the afternoon where we will eat lots of junk food and drink plenty of sugary soda whilst running around until we get so overheated we fall over, then we'll retire to my place where we'll eat more junk food and watch Star Trek TNG whilst laying around on the big bed in our jammies, followed by sleeping and then going out to breakfast on the way home in the morning.

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Rachel said...

Ooo, Star Trek! Sounds like fun!