Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You're 19 and Limber

What I said to Older Son when I made him look under the bed for my camera cord so I could download some pictures for this post. Lots to post about. Not really because I've been doing lots, I just waited long enough so the usual slothful pace around here looks busy.

First up, I love Spunky Eclectic. I want to adopt her as my sister. I got my order, and this green stuff? To. Die. For. It's sparkly (you can't really see in the pic, sparkles are so hard to capture in photos). I'm thinking a lace weight to make Muir. And this merino tencel? Love it! Even Celtic Queen can't dog me too much about it. I walked all over MDS&W looking for just the perfect merino/tencel roving for making socks. (Color is "Tie Dye"). My next door neighbor saw me photographing these and came over to admire them too. She wants to see what I make from them. And then last week I got my May fiber club shipment which is called "Rose Garden". Yummy! I was telling CQ about it and she felt compelled to remind me that I got the double fiber club so I would have enough to share.
In between we travelled to Dayton for Dave's neice's wedding. This is the view from our hotel room.
And here's the bride and groom. Don't they look great? And sooo young?
We went to the Air Force Museum while we were there (Dave's sister's SO is an aeronautical engineer and worked on a UAV they have there.) Dave and his sister made us stop at at Cabela's on the way home to see the stuffed (as in taxidermy) animals. When we were just about ready to leave Older Son walked over to me and said, "I've had enough of this grisly display, I'm ready to go." So we sat waiting for someone to round up Younger Son and listened to them playing Staying Alive on the muzack. OS remarked it was an ironic choice. I worked on Mod Pods in the car on the way there and back. And I've also started another new project this weekend. Yep. Finally set up the Tri-Loom.

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Rachel said...

Beautiful stuff you've got there, and it looks like a lovely wedding, too!