Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Needling and Snowmageddon

Remind me of this photo the next time you hear me whinging about how I can't find any of my knitting needles.

You say you can't find your size 6 double points, Laurie?

Yeah. I didn't put them away when I was done with them. There's a pair of 10-1/2 straights on the floor next to this couch right now, too. Notice my cool spinning bag, though? Spunky Eclectic.

Also, you may have experienced or heard on the news that we had a bit of snow here. I like the term Snowmageddon (stolen from Knitterly Things. Here's a picture of Older Son shoveling.

He's standing on a step up from the ground. That's 27" of snow.

We were snowed in over the weekend. Dave and Younger Son were camping (I know! They were in cabins, but still...Must be a guy thing.) The guys will have their third day of no classes tomorrow. I was told that if I don't go in to work tomorrow I will have to use a vacation day. I'm still undecided about going in or not. Monday my commute took 2 hours to work and 3 hours home. The roads in the city looked like they hadn't been cleared at all. Several inches of hard packed snow/ice. Today was better. I blame this on panic. I think the city panicked because there are several more inches of snow forecast for tonight and so finally cleared the roads today; and everyone else panicked about the threat of snow and left work early so that when I finally got out of work after 5:00 there was very little traffic and although it was snowing the roads were mostly just wet.


Rani said...

That is an amazing amount of snow. I just took the dog out and had to run through piles up to my knees. It made me giggle like a school girl.

Heather said...

Friday is day 5 snow day for us. crazy.