Monday, January 26, 2009


I am so predictable. Have you ever gone rooting around in your stash and realised that you'd bought the same yarn over and over (and over) again? Check this out. I thought this blue and brown combo would make great guy socks. (Apparently I really thought so.)
Lion Brand Magic Stipes, Trekking XXL, and Shibui. It'll be interesting to see how they all knit up.
And look at these beauties. Bright rainbow yarns are a personal favorite of mine. Celtic Queen will point out (and rightly so) that she gifted me with the Trekking here, but she only did it because she knows me so well and knew I would covet it (which I do).
Hmmm, do you think if I made something like the Spectrum Scarf (scroll down) with the fuzzy yarn and some gloves with the Trekking it would look like a "Set"? (I may have become hyper aware of this matching set issue.)
And did you see what clever Heather did? She kitted up her own sock kits from stash so she has a surprise sock to knit every month that she knows she'll already like! I may have to use this idea myself. Maybe for all the spinning fiber I'm accruing. Speaking of which, here's my latest Spunky Club, CQ. Much different than yours:
Different than each other, too. If you've got a murkier one and want to trade for my lighter bump (on the right) let me know. But organic merino...mmmm soft!


Heather said...

it is good to be consistent!

Celtic Queen said...

Mine were different from each other as well. I think we need to compare in person.

And if you recall, when I bought you that Trekking, it turned out that you told me about wanting it without knowing that I had already picked it up for you. :)

Rachel said...

I like consistency with a little bit of spice every now and then. For instance, I will NEVER really like yellow, but a nice purple changes things up from my usual blue/green mode!