Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Start

I like New Years. It's always nice to make a fresh start, clear the decks, take stock of things and keep what's working and discard what's not. Sometimes all we need is an opportunity to make a new start to really turn things around. I've made a few resolutions, as it were, this year myself. Nothing I'm going to beat myself up about "keeping", just things I want to focus more of my energy on. I've resolved to work at getting healthy. Exercise more, eat better, take better care of myself. You know the drill. (I've had salad for dinner two nights in a row -- I think my body might be thinking it's the end of the world!) I'm stealing Nike's slogan and making this year's slogan "Just Do It!" My previous slogan was "Try It" and I've tried alot of new things. Some I liked, some I didn't. But trying new things has become a habit (a happy one) so I decided it was time to go with something new. I tend to dither about making choices (way too much) so I'm hoping this will get me to think less and do more. More fiber related resolutions are to knit more stash (I bought it because I liked it, right?) and to spin more. I did spin some over the weekend while I was not knitting (actually I plied up the sock yarn on the bobbin on the wheel). And finally to blog more. Look! I even have a picture today! That's my version of Ziggy which is slated for Older Son.


Heather said...

oh, that sock is soooo beautiful! Sounds like you have reasonable expectations and a good attitude... Here's to a great 2009!!!!

Katie said...

My friend and I recently took a beginning knitting class and fell in love with it! We have been knitting on our own for the past couple months, but could really use the help and commentary of other knitters. We were looking for groups in the Pittsburgh area and happened upon a site that mentioned a knitting group meeting every other Friday at Borders. It offered an email address that must not have been correct, because when I tried to email you, it was returned to me (hence why I'm leaving a comment!). We would love to be a part of it if you are still meeting and accepting newbies. Please let me know of any additional information - times, actual location, etc. My friend, Beth, and I are so looking forward to hearing back from you soon!