Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Spinning

I set my spinning wheel up on the front porch again today and spun some more sock yarn. I really like spinning out there -- but it does get warm. That bodes well for later this fall, and for the past couple of days (the weather's cooled off nicely here). I listened to Market Place again (Kai!) and then Dave came out and chatted for awhile. When he left I spun a bit more and listened to some jazz. Here's my work so far. A very pleasant evening. Pictures from this weekend. Celtic Queen and I went to Bloomin Yarns (where I ordered yarn to make Sidelines from the new Interweave) and we met up with Heather. I let the Celtings use my camera. Love this! Elder Celting immediately took a picture of himself! Then of me and CQ (behind the plant). Younger Celting wouldn't let his brother get a picture of him, but he let me snap this one.
When Younger Celting got the camera he took this picture of the giant felted mitten (both Celtings and Heather's son were intrigued by this. I think it's a boy thing.)

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DPUTiger said...

I love that big felted mitten. I want to make one in navy and needle felt or applique a snowman onto it. Sorry I missed you guys!