Tuesday, August 05, 2008

B-day Stuff

I got a couple of gift certificates to bookstores for my birthday. So in round one I got these. That's all 5, count 'em FIVE Planet of the Apes movies there, and Seasons One and Two of The Outer Limits. 'Cause you know we're all about the 60s & 70s sci fi around here! (And you know I watched all those movies already. I'm trying to pace myself on The Outer Limits, though.)
Tonight I was headed out to the bookstore to pick up a copy of this for a co-worker's baby shower (she knows she's having a boy). I love this book, but could never read it to my sons on account of I was crying too much by the end. I had a couple of gift cards from Heather and a 40% off coupon, so Heather, this is what you got me! As soon as I'm off-line I'm going to dig into it. Can't wait! Oh, and I found my first charity for my Antics! Yippee!


Heather said...

OOOh, I have such good taste in gifts... hope you let me look at it some time :)

Knittingchick50 said...

My kids make fun of me because I could never read the whole book through either. Glad I'm not the only emotional one!

Lou Schiela said...

I'm glad it's not just me! Although I never saw that one (but I want to check it out) I could never read my kids "The Giving Tree" or "I Love You This Much".