Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Need to Talk

Celtic Queen called me to chat during her drive home from work tonight. Surprisingly, I was home already. So she asked what I was up to.
Me: Ordering stuff online.
CQ: WHAT are you ordering?
Me: Just some stuff from Spunky Eclectic
CQ: Like what?
Me: Well, some fiber. She had this fiber and it's sparkly I couldn't resist so I got it.
CQ: Right, and this after you bought all that Angelina fiber so you can blend up your own sparkly fiber. See, this is why you have so much stash.
Me: Yeah, well it's worse...I joined the Spunky Club. I'm getting fiber every month.
CQ: (Explodes) Laur! This is why you're never going to use up all your stash! You've gone beyond just a knitter with a stash, you've become a collector of fiber! You've got fleece to finished yarn and everything in between! You're never going to use it all.
Me: Well, I figured I could gift you and Heather with some of the fiber, that way it won't all be piling up around here...
CQ: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, but you know it's not going to happen. You'll just keep piling it up.

Whew! Good thing I didn't mention the merino/tencel fiber I ordered or that it's not just the regular club but the double fiber club... I think she would have come over for an intervention!

And you know, originally I just wanted one of the cool stone spindles she has on the site. I forgot to order one. You know what that means -- I'll have to go back again!

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Rachel said...

You are too funny! You do need stash intervention, lol! (Of course, after you, I should probably sign up too!)