Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Haul

Here's most of my goodies from MDS&W. Down there on the bottom is my black t-shirt,and you can see the little packets of Angelina fiber. The roving is from Gale's Art and I am totally enamoured of it. The multicolor is a "Potluck" so it's one of a kind, and when I saw it with the merino ("Lime") I had to get them. CQ and I hit her booth late, we'd seen lots of people in there earlier. I'm hoping she comes back next year because I think I want more of her stuff! I also got some roving from a youth organization that I can't find the card to tell me what their name is right now. I got two four oz bumps. The blended color you see here (showcased by Older Son who is trying out for the job of wool model this summer) is spun and plied already. Two ply, spun long draw. The other bump was this yummy yellow-green which is on my wheel right now. I tried spinning this long draw but the roving is just a bit too sticky for it so I'm using a modified short draw (worsted) technique. This will be two plied as well, and the two together (hard to tell from the photos, but the colors do coordinate) are being considered for a Baby Surprise Jacket. (Inspired by Brooklyn Tweed's handspun BSJs.)


Heather said...

make him get a real job!! :)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, your son has a sense of humor. Nice stuff you've got there!