Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Back

I'm back. I survived Maryland. I only have one picture because I spent my time taking pictures with other people's cameras. I took pictures of Celtic Queen with Casey and Jess at the Ravelry get together. (Which she hasn't posted yet.) And of Heather and Heather which she did post.
Sunday I realized I had no pictures so I made CQ snap this one of me. I did not purchase any fiber from this vendor, but CQ did. (It has sparkles in it.) I got some roving (some of which I've already spun up, Heather and I met to spin the Monday after Maryland), and some Angelina fiber for blending, a stand for my tri-loom, a double pointed needle holder, and a t-shirt. I bid and lost again on the shawls from the sheep to shawl. I got Heather's boys some stuff too. Her youngest loves red, and spinning with a drop spindle, so I got him some red roving. He was so cute when I gave it to him - he hugged it to him and ran off immediately to put it in his stash! I don't think I even bought any yarn! I was very tempted at Tess', but I had no particular project in mind, so I passed. I guess I'm serious about knitting down the stash! I'll try to post more pics tomorrow of the yarn I'm spinning now, and the rest of the fiber I bought. It's all downstairs right now and I'm too tired to go and get it.

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