Monday, May 19, 2008

Sundays Are For Spinning

I've reinstated the Sundays are for spinning program here at the G household. This week I plied up my yellow green single. I finished the spinning Friday night at Knitting and then used the generous Heather's ball winder to make a center pull ball for plying. A few tangles, but sooo much easier than the one I wound on my own. Eventually I'm going to have to break down and get a ball winder of my own. Anyways, I skeined up my bobbins and finished off my yarns. Wanna See? Of course you do. As I said, I am considering these two yarns together for a BSJ. Here're the money shots:

The blue/green multi, and

the yellow-green. They're not quite dry yet, when they are I'll reskein and estimate my yardage. I might consider the yellow green for an "Our Favorite Baby Sweater" by EZ if I have enough yardage. That leaves the multi hanging, but I might be able to think of something for it.

I've also finally finished my Noro socks. As I was finishing them up at Eat N Park Saturday night (I took Older Son out to dinner for his birthday, more on that in a minute) an older woman approached me. "I see you're knitting socks. What yarn is that you're using?"
"A Japanese yarn, it's called Noro.."
"Oh, is that the Noro sock yarn? What do you think of it?"
"Well, it's a little harsh and goes thick and thin, but I love the colors."
"Oh yes, the colors, I knit a whole coat out of the Noro last year."
She left, but I heard her say to her dinner companion "That's the Noro sock yarn." Knitters, we're everywhere.
And as I said, Sunday was also Older Son's birthday. He's 19. How did that happen?

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Rachel said...

Happy birthday to older son, and lovely job on the spinning. I especially like the green stuff!