Saturday, August 27, 2005


Welcome to my blog! And welcome me to the blogging universe. I'm killing time this morning before calling my husband in China. It's noon here, so he's about ready to go to bed. I called earlier, but he was still "out with the guys". He has apparently gotten a gig at the local bar playing guitar and singing. He says there are lots of younger, better looking people there, but they really like him. Must be the novelty of a real American.

My regular knitting group met last night. I took my camera to take pictures, but forgot after taking the first one.

That's Sara with her current sweater project and our Starbucks drinks. We ended up with about 7 people there. (They had to get more chairs!) Since Sara, Kelly, and I thought it would be just the three of us until Barnes & Noble kicked us out, we're pretty happy.

Can you feel the joy? Do these kids look EXCITED or what?
At least my baby wore his hand-knitted socks.
He's obviously extremely happy about them.

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