Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back to the Blog

Back again, blogging to you from my Backup Blog Station (aka Older Son's Bedroom). I spent all evening yesterday cleaning up the kids' computer (there were 66 spyware/viruses on it) and defragging the hard drive so I can use it. Technically, it is my computer, I built it in Hardware class, I just always liked using the laptop better, so told OS he could use this one. Haven't decided yet whether I'll be moving it into my room or not. OS was doing alot of whinging about me being in his room (like he really wanted to go to bed.) But moving it would involve taking the desk too and that would mean Rearranging Furniture and A Lot of Work so, maybe not.

I spoke with Dave, he says he doesn't care that he can't read the blog. He was pretty uncaring about the whole thing, actually. (But you know, the Chinese are getting a raw deal, regardless. They obviously need more Freedom. AND, they have Weapons of Mass Destruction. George should get over there and Kick Their Butts! For Bloggers! For Knitters!) Ok, back now. He was pretty uncaring about the expenses, too. He says he'll get around to it sometime....

In Other News

Look at this:
That's a Big, Dead, Bug! OS found it on my window sill!! I'm still creeped out about it. It was only inches away from my head! I'm trying not to think about that too much. Both boys were kinda fascinated with it. (But not enough, mind you, to actually touch it or dispose of it or anything like that.) I had to do that. (Actually, I couldn't touch it either, I picked it up with the tissue you see here.) I had to take it way far away to throw out, too, because I kept thinking it might not be completely dead.

Knitting News

I finished knitting the "Potato Chip Scarf" I keep telling myself it looks like flower petals or a sea anemone, but all I can think is that it looks like intestines. I don't like it. I think I'm going to unravel it. It's too long, too stiff, too thin. I doubt I'll make this again. I guess I'd recommend it if you don't know how to crochet. If you can crochet, just chain the desired length, then work 1 row dc, next row work 2 dc in each st. Work these two rows ~3 or 4 times (or until as wide and ruffly as you'd like it. -- You could work this on both sides of the chain to make a double-ruffle scarf, which I think would be nicer.)

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