Monday, August 29, 2005

Seeds of Sedition

Well. Apparently Dave cannot view my blog here. I have to find another host. So if anyone out there is actually reading this except me, don't get too attached to this web address, it's going to change soon. I am obviously so seditious (sneakily seditious, with all my talk of knitting and kids going off to school) that the Chinese Government is blocking my blog! According to Blogger, their sites are blocked by the Chinese Government. Hey Blogger Guys -- DON'T YOU THINK THIS WOULD BE SOMETHING TO PUT IN THE "KNOWN ISSUES" SPOT ON YOUR WEB SITE??? Cause if I had known this was an issue I would have never started a blog here.

AND, the above is just a minor inconvenience today because my laptop is dead. As a doornail. Just great.

ALSO, I'm flat-out broke. I had to transfer the children's college fund to my checking account to pay my bills this month. Why? Gee, I dunno. Could it have something to do with the fact that Dave hasn't bothered to send in his expenses for almost four weeks? And also the fact that the 25% pay increase he was promised hasn't materialized? Maybe. Also add in that my dad has had a Very Major Expense, which I can usually float, but couldn't this year because I still had to cover Dave's expenses from when he was in Virginia and some of his expenses in relocating to China and pay for the new car we bought on the presumption that we would be getting Lots More Money when Dave went to China. So, I'm broke. Dave, on the other hand, writes that he purchased a new guitar.

You go, Dave. It's all part of my seditious plot to overthrow the Chinese government. (Betcha the FBI reads my blog tomorrow!! Hey G-men! Send me an email and I'll knit you a pair of socks!)

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