Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Holiday Goodies

I didn't quite make the Epiphany deadline for my knitted gifts. Younger Son gets half a sock (or one quarter of a pair, which sounds even more depressing). But I'm cranking away on it.

It's a little more than half a sock now after I knit on it this evening.Yarn is a Wee Skeins kit from Knitterly Things

I received this Christmas a new Butterfly Girl spindle from my BiL's SO (she's a fiberista too). It's even Steeler Colors! I immediately started spinning some 100% Merino that I had got as a gift from Julia at Knitterly Things last year. The colorway is "For Laurie" (in case you can't see). Yummy! (This may have in some small way contributed to YS getting half a sock for Christmas.) I was so inspired by knitting Ishbel that I've decided I want to do a big shawl. I think this fiber when spun up to a 2-ply will be perfect, enough color variation to give it some texture, not enough to make it stripy or not show a pattern. Mmmmm. Stay posted.


Patricia said...

Congrats on the 1/2 sock! Nature boy still only has one unmatched sock he got for his birthday, from your pattern...hopefully one day before we go spring hiking I will have finished the 2nd one. I love the sock you are working on, the colors and stripes are so lively and stipey-good. Oh, thanks for letting me know about Epiphany, I think after reading it I remembered it from the long-ago Lutheran Sunday school days. I did not complete any Epiphany knitting but look out next Epiphany!!! Or maybe I will aim for some Imbolc knitting for this year...

Rani said...

That Vesper yarn is so cool. I have heard about it for so long, but never seen it in action!