Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Honey, You Smell Great

The street repair thugs came with their truck that makes loud beeps and has super bright flashing lights to remove the road barriers and cones this morning at Five Thirty. AM. Ask me how I know. Still knitting Sidelines. I'm hoping to watch some STNG dvds and knit more tonight. I got alot done on Sunday watching several hours of dinosaurs and dinosaur-like shows on the Discovery channel. I got much flack from the guys about it, but there's just something about those animatronic/cgi creatures that fascinate me. I especially like the more recent ones where they have the creatures interact with the camera (the giant centipede that stikes the camera and cracks the lens, and then they have some lumbering thing that bumps into it).
I also got some goodies today! Julia at Knitterly Things sent me some rovings I bought. YUMMY!

Their pictures don't do them justice! So much more beautiful in real life. The Hot Tamale Superwash (Left at top) will become socks, and I have something special in mind for the rest of it. I thought I'd bought her out of all the sale rovings, but I see one escaped me. If no one else grabs it, it's mine next week! And I might need to get something else, because you know it's more efficient to fill that mailer box all the way up with fiber...
And finally, while I was cooking dinner tonight with Younger Son (he's my cooking protege) I knocked the garlic powder against the wall to loosen it because it was clumpy (it's been a bit humid here lately) and the lid flew open and I was showered with garlic powder. YS helpfully tried to brush me off, but I definately have a certain, let's say Italiante air about me. I'm hoping that this makes me extra appealing to Dave. Who knows? I might get lucky.

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