Monday, August 03, 2009

Goodbye Pap

My dad passed away this morning. He slipped into unconsciousness yesterday morning and didn't wake back up.

I sat with him throughout the night and he never showed any signs of distress or discomfort. The last time I spoke to him was after a visit from Celtic Queen. His face lit up when he saw her and he was happier than I've seen him in weeks. It was a blessing.

We were very grateful that his end was peaceful. I imagine that he's enjoying a long-awaited reunion with his "Honey Bea" (his pet name for my mom) right now.

I was also fortunate that the nurse on call was a neighbor who knows me well, and so I knew he was in good hands.

As he himself said, he "lead a good long life and was really blessed."

He will be greatly missed by my sisters and I, (this is one of my sisters, not me in case you're wondering)

And all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Everyone who met him liked him, and I've heard over and over "He was a really good man."


Trina said...

I'm sorry for your loss, but glad as well for your sake that it was peaceful, that's a blessing.

Darka said...

He sounded like a wonderful man. I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family!

Patricia said...

What a great man and great life by your description! Wishing peace and comfort to you and your family.

Heather said...

What a nice tribute. The service was beautiful, you were lucky to have him in your life and he to have you.

Rani said...

That is a lovely post. I am sorry to hear about your loss but I'm glad you shared your memories.

DPUTiger said...

I'm glad the end was peaceful. I hope you can take time for yourself for a bit. You've done so much for your family lately that you deserve a little time for you. Take good care of yourself.

Tolentreasures said...

So sorry about your dad.